Jeanette James

Jeanette and her mare, Sonny
Jeanette and her mare,

Jeanette James was certified to become a professional ESMT by the well known and respected school of Equissage one of the oldest schools in the country offering a very solid program.

She has furthered her education with Mike Scott, who is a nationally known certified sports massage therapist for both humans and horses. Mike offers advanced continuing education classes for equine therapists.

Jeanette has attended 4 of Mike Scott's 3 day advanced equine massage clinics one in 2003 and 2004; in spring of 2007 a continuing ed 3 day clinic of 2 days at Tuft's Veterinary Equine Cadaver School Lab near Boston, MA which included a one day lecture by John Sharkey, BSc., NMT who has extensive qualifications and educational experience in all areas of Neuromuscular Therapy with specialist knowledge in Equine Neuromuscular Therapy of National Training Centre, Ireland.

The Robert Altman/Mike Scott 3 day clinic in May, 2010, bringing her total number of professional instruction in equine massage to over 135 hours. Also, CE of 12 hours (credit approved for vets and vet techs) from the 2006 Farrier & Hoofcare Online Conference. This does not include the many hours of self study and networking with professionals in the equine industry. Continuing education is important to her. She feels it is necessary to be as professional, educated and trained as possible.

Jeanette James, ESMT

She also believes in a good working relationship between owner, vet and therapist for the benefit of the horse. She feels it is important to educate animal owners concerning massage and the true benefits that horses receive from regular professional therapy sessions.

Jeanette is a lifelong horse person. She has an American Saddlebred background. She has been riding horses for her own personal pleasure since her grandfather plopped her on a horse at an extremely young age.

Due to her mother's family raising, training and showing horses and her own children's involvement in the show circuit, she has a lot of experience handling horses. She happily owns one horse.

Located in Mackinaw in Central Illinois between Peoria and Bloomington, she is an easy drive to many areas of the state. She has clients that literally range from personal pleasure horses to multi-high point champions and world champions, from naturally gaited horses to jumpers. Jeanette has found ESMT to be personally highly rewarding and looks forward to meeting many new horse friends both 4 footed and 2 footed!